Our Truxel tables are made from reclaimed redwood trees that once grew along Truxel Road in the Natomas neighborhood of Sacramento. After our partner Urban Wood Rescue reclaims these trees, the slabs are sent to Wood From The Hood, a family-owned wood shop who finishes each table with complementary butterfly joints. Each table is a piece of sustainable furniture that shows its unique history with marks and knots, plus a code branded on the bottom that denotes the tree’s original location along Truxel Road.

Made in
United States

Reclaimed Materials From Urban Wood Project: Sacramento

A program of the Sacramento Tree Foundation, Urban Wood Rescue is a small team of dedicated tree-lovers who reclaim wood around the Sacramento area. After a tree reaches the end of its lifespan, Urban Wood Rescue repurposes the tree into usable, sustainable lumber so it doesn’t get mulched or sent to a landfill.