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SW Electric Adjustable Height Desk

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Item No: 352230
Item No: 882955
Item No: 041727
Item No: 669912
Item No: 532255
Item No: 967259

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SW® Electric Height Adjustable 60w 30d 25-49h Desk
Top: Grey MDF
Base color: Black
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Beautifully designed and built for a healthy workday, the SW height adjustable desk combines functionality and style into innovative design. Easily alternate between sitting and standing throughout your workday with this desk's smooth and quiet height adjustability, electronically operated to make adjustment easier than ever. With three customizable settings, you can ensure the desk is always at the exact height you prefer. The SW desk also stops automatically when the surface comes in contact with an unknown object. Enjoy this safe and stylish desk option that offers the freedom to work the way you want.

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Details of SW® Electric Height Adjustable 60w 30d 25-49h Desk

  • Dimensions: 60"w 30"d 26-49"h
  • Features: three customizable height settings; safety reverse function
  • Weight Capacity: 195 lbs
  • Product Origin: made in Japan
  • Material Origin: imported
  • Item Number: 352230
              • Top
              • Dimensions: 60"w 30"d 1"h
              • Top Thickness: 1"h
              • Product Origin: made in Minnesota
              • Material Origin: United States and imported
              • Item Number: 882955
                                                  • Base
                                                  • Product Origin: made in Japan
                                                  • Material Origin: imported
                                                  • Item Number: 041727
                                                  • Base
                                                  • Product Origin: made in Japan
                                                  • Material Origin: imported
                                                  • Item Number: 669912
                                                  • Base
                                                  • Product Origin: made in Japan
                                                  • Material Origin: imported
                                                  • Item Number: 532255
                                                  • Base
                                                  • Product Origin: made in Japan
                                                  • Material Origin: imported
                                                  • Item Number: 967259
                                                • See all photos
                                                  • Top: low-emission MDF See full material details
                                                  • Finish: powder-coat
                                                  • Color: grey
                                                  • Material Description: Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product made from wood fibers adhered using heat and pressure. The result is a stable panel that does not expand and contract with humidity like solid wood, making MDF an excellent core under veneers, or on their own once painted or powder-coated. Our MDF is California Air and Resources Board Phase II (CARB-2) compliant, which sets the lowest threshold in the world for formaldehyde emissions in engineered wood products.
                                                  • Base Color: steel See full material details
                                                  • Finish: powder-coat
                                                  • Color: black
                                                  • Material Description: Steel is exceptionally durable and eco-friendly thanks to its ability to be made from recycled material and then recycled again at the end of the product's life. Artisans craft the steel using innovative technology and age-old techniques to shape the steel into pieces of almost any shape and size.

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