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Pratt Desk with Luce Chairs

Why this room works

  1. Maximize a home office with the Pratt desk. Large enough to comfortably accommodate two casual workspaces, Pratt's timeless design makes it versatile and functional for any space.
  2. Luce office chairs in white keeps this modern looking fresh and airy. These chairs offer ergonomic support in an understated design that matches the easy-going design of this office.
  3. Positioning shelves or ledges over a cabinet is a unique way to personalize your storage. The combination of storage in this space creates a one-of-a-kind look.
Pratt Desks
New Option Pratt Desks
$549 - $2,729
Reach Table Lamps
New Option Reach Table Lamps
$429 - $529
Float Wall Shelves
Float Wall Shelves
$149 - $189
Tempo Wall Clocks
Tempo Wall Clocks
$99 - $149