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Outdoor Cover for 38-48 diam Round Table plus 4 Chairs
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Outdoor Cover 38-48r Tables plus 4 Chairs
Item No: 993192

Outdoor Cover

Adding an outdoor table cover helps extend the life of your outdoor furniture, and you'll have to clean it less often. Specially tailored to keep out the elements, each cover is constructed with Rhinoweave® fabric to prevent dirt, mold and mildew, while allowing air to freely circulate.

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made in China

Details of Outdoor Cover for 38-48 diam Round Table plus 4 Chairs

  • Dimensions: 84" diameter 36"h
  • Features: four ties with velcro umbrella closure
  • Product Origin: made in China
  • Material Origin: imported
  • Item Number: 993192
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  • Material: Rhinoweave� Fabric
  • Material Description: 100% PVC coated polyester
  • Color: champagne
  • Material: Rhinoweave� Fabric
  • Color: champagne