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Stash 22w 22d 24h Storage Side Table

1 Base:

Current Base selection: White

2 Top:

Current Top selection: White recycled HDPE
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Stash 22w 22d 24h Storage Side Table
base: White
top: White recycled HDPE
Item No: 439460


Serve or store with our Stash side table, perfect for the modern patio, desk or poolside. The removable top provides ample storage for tools, pool supplies or beverages, then simply replace the top and it becomes a table. Stash is made from durable and waterproof high-density recycled plastic.

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made in Minnesota

Details of Stash 22w 22d 24h Storage Side Table

  • Dimensions: 22"w 22"d 24"h
  • Capacity: 30 gallons
  • Features: drainage plug; removable with 7/8" socket wrench or adjustable wrench; removable tray top
  • Construction: rotational-molded; a mold is filled with plastic, then heated and rotated to create hollow shapes with walls of even thickness
  • Considerations: do not sit or stand on the table surface
  • Product Origin: made in Minnesota
  • Material Origin: United States
  • Item Number: 439460
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    • Base: polyethylene
    • Material Description: Polyethylene (PE) is a commonly used synthetic plastic that's lightweight and flexible. It's resistant to harsh elements like temperature and sunlight, and it's easy to wipe clean with a soap and water solution.
    • Color: white
    • Base: polyethylene
    • Color: white
    • Top: recycled HDPE
    • Color: white
    • Material Description: High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is made from at least 50% post-consumer plastic products such as milk jugs. Colors and UV-stabilizers are mixed into the recycled plastic to minimize fading. Recycled HDPE is ideal for outdoor use because it is durable, non-porous and waterproof.
    • Top: recycled HDPE
    • Color: white

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