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Cable Heather Rug

Why this room works

  1. Thick and luxurious, the length of our Cable rug complements the length of the Metro sofa, which helps open the room visually.
  2. The front legs of both the Lars lounge chair and the sofa are comfortably on the rug while maintaining a border of wood flooring.
  3. The Reclaimed Wood Stool is placed entirely on the rug to prevent tipping and to balance the seating arrangement.
Cable Rugs
Cable Rugs
$1,199 - $2,399
Metro Sofas
Fabric Changing 12/26 Metro Sofas
$1,299 - $1,699
Lars Leather Lounge Chair
Lars Leather Lounge Chair
$1,299 - $1,499
Velvet Pillows
New Option Velvet Pillows
$79 - $99
Mohair Pillows
Mohair Pillows
$129 - $169