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Kitt Rug in Slate

Why this room works

  1. Our Kitt jute rug adds a graphic statement to this nursery and provides a soft surface for crawling and playing.
  2. Keep books, diapers and other supplies close at hand by using a bookcase instead of a dresser. This Moda Loft option easily transitions into a big kid’s room.
  3. A family-run company in New York builds our Moda cribs to be safe and sturdy. The simple design fits perfectly with this modern nursery.
Kitt Rugs
Kitt Rugs
$49 - $199
Moda Crib
New Option Moda Crib
$999 - $1,298
Moda Loft Bookcase
New Option Moda Loft Bookcase
$799 - $899
Row Pillows
Row Pillows
$129 - $169