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Tenza Grey Rug

Souda Grey Rug

Why this room works

  1. Our Tenza rug has a chunky, inviting texture that adds warmth to this small living room. Multiple colors of yarns make it easy to coordinate with other furnishings and home decor.
  2. With its sleek steel shade, our Soria floor lamp adds visual height and modern appeal to this space.
  3. A wide piece of artwork creates a focal point above the velvet Murphy sofa. This piece by Le Beuan Benic features soft colors and subtle movement.
Tenza Rugs
New Tenza Rugs
$699 - $999
Murphy Sofas
New Option Murphy Sofas
$1,599 - $1,699
Tyne End Tables
New Option Tyne End Tables
$439 - $839
Grace Table Lamps
Grace Table Lamps
$449 - $479
Itza Pillows
Itza Pillows
$129 - $149
Ella Bed
New Option Ella Bed
$1,199 - $1,599
Anton Nightstands
New Anton Nightstands
$649 - $999