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Qi Baishi

An influential painter of the early 20th century, Qi Baishi specialized in depicting birds, flowers, insects and other elements of nature. Unlike most other Chinese artists of that period, his work shows no trace of Western influence. These are reprints from original woodcut plates that were part of a rare book published in 1952.

Made in
United States



  • Material: archival paper
    Color: multicolor
  • Secondary Material: wood frame
    Finish: lacquer
    Color: maple

Additional Information

  • Product Origin: made in Ohio
  • Material Origin: United States and imported
  • Item Numbers:
    107151 Dragonfly Reproduction (16"w 1.5"d 22"h)
    052615 Grapes Reproduction (16"w 1.5"d 22"h)
    271512 Pear Blossom Reproduction (16"w 1.5"d 22"h)
    998034 Sparrow Reproduction (16"w 1.5"d 22"h)
    324830 Two Birds Reproduction (16"w 1.5"d 22"h)
    703909 Yellow Berries Reproduction (16"w 1.5"d 22"h)
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