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Quantities are limited and there are no special orders. Please call 800.301.9720 to check availability. Prices are subject to change. Prior purchases are not eligible for price adjustments.

Avani 7'9"x9'9" Rug in Grey
$449.99 Was $899.00
Avani 8'2"x11'6" Rug in Grey
$549.99 Was $999.00
Bokila 8'9"x11'6" Rug in Chocolate
$999.99 Was $2,999.00
Bokila 8'x9'9" Rug in Chocolate
$799.99 Was $2,299.00
Bridge 8'2"x11'6" Rug in Coal
$849.99 Was $1,299.00
Bryson 3'6"x5'6" Rug in Charcoal
$269.99 Was $399.00
Channel 4'x16' Rug in Ash
$799.99 Was $1,099.00
Gate 3'x5' Rug in Ink
$349.99 Was $499.00
Mattea 3'6"x5'6" Rug in Beige
$199.99 Was $299.00
Ombre 5'x8' Rug in Maize
$299.99 Was $999.00
Ombre 7'9"x9'9" Rug in Maize
$499.99 Was $1,499.00
Ombre 8'6"x11'6" Rug in Maize
$699.99 Was $1,999.00
Shadow 3'6"x5'6" Rug in Ivory
$449.99 Was $749.00