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Dining Tables & Chairs for Small Spaces

Create a dedicated eating and entertaining space in a small dining room or kitchen with functional, modern furniture. Extension tables, stackable chairs and multi-functional benches are just the beginning—take a look at the best small dining room ideas below and some of our favorite products.

Dining Tables for Small Spaces

Design Ideas

  • Eliminate running into table corners and opt for a round design. Many of our round tables also feature a pedestal base. This style takes up less square footage and allows you to easily slide chairs underneath the table.
  • Create the illusion of a larger space with light colors and materials. A glass tabletop will keep your dining space feeling open and airy, while lighter woods or stones up the brightness factor.
  • Easily accommodate more guests on the fly with an extension table. Bonus if the table features self-storing leaves!
  • A drop-leaf table is the easiest way to get more surface area in a hurry. This is a great solution for hosting guests, and it can double as a flexible food prep station.

Tiny Tip:
Hosting dinner in a small kitchen? Use artisanal cutting boards for prep and later for presentation and serving (after a quick wash, of course).

Dining Chairs for Small Spaces

Design Ideas

  • Choose smaller scale dining chairs to seat more people around the table.
  • Stackable chairs are so easy to store. Keep a few in the closet to have on-hand for dinner guests.
  • Prioritize stylish, comfortable chairs that can flex as dining or living room seating. Just move from room to room as needed.

Tiny Tip:
The right size rug can help define a small dining space. Bonus for flat-weaves or other short pile options—they make it easy to smoothly move chairs over the rug.

Counter & Bar Tables for Small Spaces

Design Ideas

  • Place a counter or bar table against the wall to free up space in narrow kitchens and dining rooms. You can still fit multiple stools around the table.
  • A round counter or bar table eliminates painful edges and can tuck nicely into a nook. Position near a window, if possible, to create a brighter, more spacious look.
  • Get dual purpose out of a counter with built-in storage. You can easily stow kitchen or bar items underneath (and put them in bins and baskets for added organization).

Counter & Bar Stools for Small Spaces

Design Ideas

  • Select counter or bar stools with slim silhouettes.
  • Opt for stools with pedestal bases to maximize floor space.
  • Stools without backs can easily tuck underneath a bar or counter table.

Dining Benches for Small Spaces

Design Ideas

  • Benches can easily move from dining area to living room and seat a multitude of guests.
  • Tuck it completely underneath a table when not in use.

Tiny Tip:
Throw pillows and blankets add a modern, cozy touch to any bench and help round out the look.