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How to Mix Wood Tones in Your Home

We love to mix and match different woods in the same room. See how to combine different wood furniture and finishes for a modern, intentional look.

5 Ways to Mix Wood Tones

Room & Board offers a wide variety of wood furniture. The good news about mixing them all together is there isn't a wrong answer.

Select Common Undertones

Shades of wood vary, but they generally fall into either a warm or cool-toned group. Combining wood with the same undertones will keep a room from feeling disconnected.

Warm Tones

Our unstained woods will have a naturally warm look and complement each other.

  • Walnut
  • White oak
  • Cherry
  • Maple

Cool Tones

All of our wood stains have a cool undertone, making them easy to mix and match.

  • Maple with charcoal stain
  • Ash with bark stain
  • Maple with shell stain
  • Ash with sand stain

Use Each Wood Twice

If you like an eclectic look, but still want everything to feel cohesive, the trick is to use each wood twice. The result is an interesting, layered look that feels pulled together.

Choose a “Bridge” Wood

Unique woods like reclaimed timber, spalted sugarberry or live edge slabs of cherry or walnut display a range of color. These act as a bridge between other light and dark woods in your room.

Natural Mix

Trees live happily together in the forest and they can in your home, too. Because Room & Board uses natural wood and stain colors inspired by nature, our wood furniture is authentic and goes together without a lot of effort.

Create Balance With Other Tones

White accent furniture and decor will balance out the brown and grey undertones of the wood. Rugs can also add a layer of texture and act as a buffer between woods, which is especially helpful if you have wood floors or other wood furniture.

See How It Looks in Your Home

See how any of our woods will look and feel in your home by ordering a sample. Each sample is available for a refundable $25 fee and includes a pre-paid shipping label.

Order samples as you browse our products online, or visit a store.