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Sectional Ideas

Getting Started

Size Up Your Space

  • Know how much room you have to work with. We recommend a large anchor piece, like a sectional, takes up no more than two-thirds of the wall behind it.
  • Tape out sectional measurements on the floor for a helpful visual. Choose large items first then select other furniture.
  • Consider all your options: L-shape, U-shape, curved, sofa chaise, angled chaise or custom. You want to work with your space, not against it.

Right Arm vs. Left Arm

  • A left or right arm refers to the sofa as you’re looking at it, not as you're sitting on it.
  • If you want your sofa to extend out at the right side, choose a sofa with a right-arm chaise. Choose a sofa with a left-arm chaise for it to extend out from the left.
Sofa with left-arm chaise
Sofa with right-arm chaise

Tiny Tip:
A round coffee table complements sectionals because it eliminates corners and maximizes the walkable area.
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Finding Your Size & Style

L-shape Sectionals

  • The right-angle sectional helps define zones in a living room.
  • Its shape makes it easy to place against a wall or float freely in a room.
  • Ideal in large or open rooms, this cozy configuration defines a dedicated conversation area.
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U-shape Sectionals

  • Best fit for large spaces.
  • Creates conversation areas thanks to a left and right arm that face each other.
  • We recommend 72–78 inches between the sofas that create the U-shape. This leaves a comfortable amount of space for a coffee table or ottoman.
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Modular Sectionals

  • Smart solution for small spaces: modular pieces easily fit through small hallways and doors and then come together to create a sectional.
  • Create anything from a small to large sectional with modular, armless chair pieces.
  • Flexible pieces allow you to easily change your sectional arrangement on the fly.

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Curved & Angled Chaise Sectionals

  • Adds a sophisticated, sculptural element to any space.
  • Great solution for larger rooms where the sectional does not have to sit flush with the wall.
  • Wedges, corners and chaises let you build a sectional that maximizes seating.
  • Perfect for lounging, napping or family movie night.
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Sofa Chaise Sectionals

  • The traditional sofa chaise combination packs sectional-like comfort and style in a compact design.
  • One of the easiest styles to live with: it can be positioned against a wall or float freely in a room.
  • A sofa with a reversible chaise has maximum flexibility—the chaise is like an ottoman that can be on either side of the sofa.
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Custom Sectionals

Design your own and configure the shape you like. (Configuration tool only available on desktop site.)

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Tiny Tip:
Tuck a console table behind a sectional. A long, narrow table provides plenty of surface area without taking up much real estate.
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