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Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

The key to creating a balanced space while storing items is to use a mix of solutions. See ideas for small space storage below and shop a curated list of products.

Open Storage

Design Ideas

  • Open bookcases with thin, clean lines add to the loftiness of a small space.
  • Go as tall as possible to maximize vertical storage.
  • Consider thin width and depth to maximize usable area. Many of our bookcases are only 12 inches deep to fit into tight corners.
  • As you style an open bookcase, try grouping similarly sized items for a balanced look.

Tiny Tip:
Position free-standing bookcases as room dividers to define zones.

Closed Storage

Design Ideas

  • Closed storage conceals items so clothes, pots and pans, books and more can all live happily together behind closed doors and drawers.
  • Not all closed storage functions the same: Doors and drawers serve different purposes to better accommodate certain items. Opt for a mix of storage types within one unit, if possible.
  • Consider door panels made from frosted glass, perforated metal or wood slats. These styles hide items but add visual interest.

Console Tables & Cabinets

Design Ideas

  • Consoles are typically shallower than traditional accent tables or cabinets. Take advantage by popping it into a tighter corner.
  • Not enough room for an end table? Position a console table behind a sofa for extra surface area.
  • Think outside the box and get double duty out of a console by using it as a desk, bar or prep station.

Shelves & Wall-mounted Storage

Design Ideas

  • Shelves don’t need to take up the length of a wall to be useful. Make the most of a narrow nook or tight corner.
  • Doors and drawers can take up extra feet. Opt for narrow or short shelves to gain extra storage space and have items within close reach.

Tiny Tip:
Uniform shelving can overpower a small room. Try staggered shelves to lighten the look and feel of a space.

Storage Benches & Ottomans

Design Ideas

  • Consider multiple storage ottomans to create flexible seating options in a small space (plus all that extra storage!)
  • Lacking a traditional entryway? A bench immediately defines this zone just by placing it near the door.
  • Add a storage bench at the end of a bed to stash clothes or shoes nearby.