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Ideas & Advice

Cabinet Sizes

Our Linear Classic Custom cabinets are available in traditional credenza heights that work in a variety of spaces. For additional size options see our Linear Modular Custom collection.


We offer three choices for depth with our Linear Classic cabinets to accommodate a variety of uses. When choosing a depth, please keep in mind that interior dimensions will be smaller than overall measurements.

Cabinets by height and width

Linear Classic is available in two heights and a range of widths to fit your space. Please note that measurements shown are rounded up to the nearest inch. Stainless steel bases on cabinets 67" or wider will include a 5th leg positioned in the center of the base for additional support.

32h cabinets

38h cabinets

Side overhang

Linear's top has an overhang of 1/2" on each side. For multiple Linear cabinets standing next to each other, or for a clean look, you can choose to eliminate the overhang of the top by selecting the option of flush sides.


You can select bases to match the wood of your cabinet, or in a natural or stainless steel. Steel bases are 6" high with a clearance of 4". Wood bases are 3" high and reduce the overall height of the dimensions listed by 3".