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Clear glass

We use clear "float" glass that has undergone an annealing process in which the glass mixture is heated, and then slowly cooled to a solid state. This process results in extremely flat, parallel surfaces, and offers a high level of light transmission and visibility.

Frosted glass

To achieve a frosted texture, a panel of clear sheet glass is sandblasted on one side, making the sheet translucent, but not transparent. Frosted glass is useful for transmitting light while partially concealing and blurring images (for example, dishes in a cabinet).

Colored glass

Our colored glass is created by applying a satin etching to one side of the panel, which becomes the top. Then a colored film is silkscreened onto the underside to create a colored glass tabletop.

The subtle green tint in our glass indicates the presence of iron, which adds strength to the panels.

Benson table in natural steel with glass top