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Weather-Resistant Materials

Care Instructions

Our weather-resistant materials make spending time outdoors hassle-free, no matter what climate you call home.

Powder-coated Steel and Aluminum

Powder-coating is a non-toxic industrial finish with incomparable durability. Applied as a dry powder and then cured and hardened under heat, a powder-coat finish can be as bright and colorful as paint but is much more durable. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, powder-coating protects against rust and fading, making it a weather-resistant coating for our outdoor steel and aluminum furniture.

Stainless Steel

The simple beauty of stainless steel will lend a modern look to your outdoor living area. Properly cared for, our outdoor grade stainless steel will last a lifetime.


The durable plastics used to make our comfortable outdoor furniture create a modern look that won't fade or change color and can be left outside year-round.

We use superior grade recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) in the construction of this furniture. It won't fade or change color and can be left outside year round.

Emmet lounge chair and ottoman in black

Ipe Wood

Weather, mold and pest resistant, ipe is a long-lasting choice for outdoor furniture. A naturally smooth surface and interwoven grain patterns lend beauty to this resilient, dense hardwood. Left untreated, ipe develops a silver patina but retains its exceptional durability.

Ipe wood

Untreated, weathered ipe wood

Reclaimed Wood

On certain collections, we offer reclaimed wood salvaged from a variety of sources. In addition to being a sustainable sourcing practice, using reclaimed wood lends unique character to each piece. The wood, rich with patina from use and age, is enhanced and protected with an oil finish.