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Wood & Wood Veneers

Care Instructions

Solid Wood

The true beauty of solid wood emerges gradually. Over time, wood develops a rich yet subtle patina that reveals the unique personality of each piece. All our solid wood furniture is constructed from responsibly forested maple, cherry and walnut. Built to last for generations, our tables, chairs, beds and storage pieces offer timeless designs that feature characteristics that make wood such a naturally beautiful material, such as intricate grain patterns and varying coloration.

Oil-and-Wax Finish

We use oil and wax to finish many of our solid wood pieces—a warm, natural way to protect wood that allows air and light to enhance the finish. Carefully applied by artisans to reveal the subtle characteristics of the wood, it adds dimension and a rich, low-luster sheen. Oil and wax seals in moisture, protects the wood and allows it to develop an heirloom-quality patina.

Our high quality wood veneers also keep joinery tight and increase stability and integrity over time.

Copenhagen media console in ebony veneer

Wood Veneer

Veneer refers to a sheet of wood positioned by hand and glued onto a solid composite board. We use veneer as a construction technique to ensure greater consistency in grain patterns across large surfaces, such as doors and drawer fronts. Our high quality wood veneers also keep joinery tight and increase structural integrity.

Reclaimed Wood

On certain collections, we offer reclaimed wood salvaged from a variety of sources. In addition to being a sustainable sourcing practice, using reclaimed wood lends unique character to each piece. The wood, rich with patina from nail marks and color variation, is enhanced and protected with an oil or lacquer finish.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

The MDF we use has no added formaldehyde and is compliant with government safety regulations.


Our butcherblock table tops are created by fusing together a series of full-length, solid boards. Also known as face-grain butcherblock, our table tops are sealed with lacquer for a long-lasting, low-sheen finish suitable for a variety of uses.

We also offer end-grain butcherblock exclusively for our kitchen islands. End-grain butcherblock is an ideal food preparation surface. The orientation of the grain helps maintain sharp knives and minimizes the appearance of nicks and scratches. Sealed with food-safe mineral oil, end-grain butcherblock has a distinctive checkerboard pattern and can be restored and resealed after heavy use.

Paints and Stains

All of our paints and stains are durable and easy to maintain. The paints used for our kids' furniture are no-lead and phthalate-free.