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Anders Bed Assembly Instructions

List of parts:

  • 1 headboard
  • 1 footboard
  • 2 side rails
  • 10 steel slats (Twin/Full); 12 steel slats (Queen/King/California King)
  • 8 bolts
  • 4 barrel nuts

Tools needed:

  • allen wrench (included)
  • flat-head screwdriver

Note: Wood naturally expands and contracts causing bed connections to loosen over time. This process is a natural characteristic of wood. Tighten hardware occasionally to restore the bed to original stability.


  1. Lean headboard upright near desired placement. Insert 2 barrel nuts (Figure 1) into each post of headboard leaving screw driver slot showing.
  2. Using screwdriver, turn barrel nuts so the threaded hole lines up with the hole in the end of the side rail.
  3. Insert a bolt from the back of the headboard (Figure 2) through the side rail and into the barrel nut. Tighten lightly with the allen wrench. Repeat process with the other side rail.
  4. Lean footboard upright. Insert 2 bolts in each post and through the threaded insert nuts that are embedded into the wood (Figure 3). Insert in both ends before tightening.
  5. Firmly tighten all bed joints.
  6. Place slats on side rails, matching the slots in each slat to the rivet on the side rails.
  7. Place mattress on slats.
Figure drawings
Anders Bed Assembly Instructions