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Bennett Bed Assembly Instructions

List of parts:

  • 1 headboard
  • 1 footboard
  • 2 side rails
  • 12 slats

Tools needed:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • rubber mallet or hammer

Note: Wood naturally expands and contracts causing bed connections to loosen over time. This process is a natural characteristic of wood. Tighten hardware occasionally to restore the bed to original stability.


  1. Hold headboard upright near its desired placement.
  2. With metal face of side rail facing inward, insert one end of side rail into headboard by slipping the round metal connectors into holes on headboard. Tap with rubber mallet to ensure locked position. Repeat with other side rail. See diagrams.
  3. Attach footboard to both rails in the same manner as headboard.
  4. Place slats across side rails, evenly spaced.
  5. Place mattress on slats.
Figure drawings
Bennett Bed Assembly Instructions