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Berkeley Storage Bed Assembly Instructions

List of parts:

  • 1 headboard
  • 1 footboard
  • 2 side rails
  • 2 drawers
  • 10 steel slats (Twin/Full); 12 steel slats (Queen/King/California King)
  • 4 threaded rods
  • 4 nuts
  • 4 curved washers
  • 8 dowels
  • 4 Allen bolts

Tools needed:

  • Allen wrench (included)
  • Small wrench (included)


  1. Position headboard upright, near desired placement location.
  2. With front of headboard facing you, screw threaded rods into inserts, located on the legs of the headboard. (Figure 1)
  3. Place dowels in pre-drilled holes. Align dowels and rod with holes on side rail and push together. (Figure 2)
  4. Slide curved washer and nut on threaded rod and tighten with small wrench. (Figure 3)
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for second side rail.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for footboard.
  7. Remove drawers from drawer frame and move drawer frame inside the bed frame, near the footboard.
  8. Make sure locking pins for drawer frame are attached to the footboard. These will be used to attach the drawer frame.
  9. Connect the front using cam connectors. Line up cam holes and slide it into the footboard.
  10. Turn cam locks with Allen wrench until snug.
  11. Insert the drawer frame by connecting it to the side rails using the flat head Allen screws.
  12. Reinsert the drawer frame into the bed frame. The left drawer has an overhang on the left side; right drawer has an overhang on the right side. The ball bearings should face forward even though the slide is closed.
  13. Place slats on side rails, matching the slots in each slat to the rivet on the side rails.
  14. Place mattress on slats.
Figure drawings
Berkeley Storage Bed Assembly Instructions