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Canopy Round Ceiling Plate - Group of Five Installation Instructions

List of parts:

  • canopy assembly
  • cross-bracket (assembled)
  • 2 wire hanging hooks
  • 4 assembly screws
  • 2 ground wire screws (assembled)
  • 2 machine screws
  • 2 large wire nuts
  • 10 small wire nuts
  • center steel bezel
  • 4 small wood screws
  • 4 long wood screws
  • 4 drywall anchors
  • 2 wire harnesses

Tools needed:

  • tall step ladder
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • small blade screwdriver
  • plain and long nose pliers
  • tape measure
  • wire stripper
  • utility knife
  • electrical tape
  • marker


  1. Determine the desired cord length for each pendant. Measure the desired cord length from your ceiling by using a tape measure, or hold the pendant cord to ceiling and adjust to desired length. Use electrical tape to mark a spot on cord about 1" below where it will meet the ceiling. (Figure 1) Note: When choosing the proper length of each pendant cord, we recommend a minimum of 22" between tables or eating surfaces and the bottom of the pendants.
  2. If you are hanging your pendants at varying lengths, lay them on a soft surface and adjust their positions according to your desired arrangement. Use the previously marked pendant as a guide for where to mark the remaining pendants—marks should be in-line with the first marked cord. Note: Remember to compensate for sloped ceilings.
  3. Measure an additional 12" from the tape marks and cut cords at this location. Discard excess wire. (Figure 2)
  4. Starting at the cut end, carefully strip back each of the pendant cords' outside insulation to about halfway from the taped marks. If your pendant has a green ground wire, this wire can be cut off entirely as the pendants are not individually conductive. Next, strip back approximately 3/4" of the insulation on each of the remaining two inner wires of each pendant. (Figure 3)
  5. Next, affix your electrical box's (bare) ground wire to a metal component to effectively ground the unit. For metal electrical boxes, screw on the (bare) ground wire directly to the electrical box. For plastic electrical boxes, after attaching the mounting bracket to the ceiling (steps 6-7) screw the ground wire to the canopy's mounting bracket with the provided ground wire screws. (Figure 4)
  6. Disassemble the cross bracket from the canopy assembly by removing the four screws on the outer ring. Using the provided machine screws, screw the cross-bracket to the electrical box through two of the slots in the cross-bracket. Once in place, mark the ceiling at the four outer screw holes. Remove the machine screws to detach the cross-bracket from the electrical box and use the provided wall anchors and short wood screws to affix the cross bracket to the ceiling. Reconnect the cross-bracket to the electrical box with the machine screws. (Figure 5) Note: Long wood screws are provided for mounting the cross-bracket to surfaces that don't require anchors.
  7. Use the two provided wire hanging hooks to hang the canopy cover plate from the cross-bracket. Put the bottom of the hooks into the two triangular holes in the cover plate. (Figure 6)
  8. Locate the cord-locking collars (packaged separately) with the individual pendants. Also locate the center steel bezel. Feed the pendant cords up through the five steel bezels in the ceiling plate and slip the locking collars over the cords. Then pull the cords upward until the tape marks from step 1-2 meet the ceiling plate. Slide the locking collars down to the ceiling plate and tighten. These collars will set the height of the pendants and prevent the cord from slipping downward. (Figure 7) Note: Certain pendants do not come with plastic cord-locking collars. For these pendants, tie a knot in the cord above the ceiling plate to achieve the desired cord length for each pendant.
  9. Twist like-color wires from the electrical box to the lead wires on each of the provided wire harnesses. Twist on yellow wire nuts to hold the wires together. Twist together the remaining ends of the wire harnesses to like-color wires of the five individual pendants. Use the smaller orange wire nuts to hold the wires together. (Figure 8)
  10. Remove the wire hanging hooks while lifting the cover plate up and around the four tabs on the cross-bracket. Make sure all wires are tucked safely inside. Align the slotted holes on the upper ring of the ceiling plate with the holes in the cross-bracket. Use the four assembly screws to join the two components together. Do not over tighten. (Figure 9)
  11. Slide the center steel bezel up the pendant cord and screw onto the threaded nipple of the cross-bracket.
  12. Assess the position of your pendants. If you are not satisfied with the arrangement, determine how much you would like them to move up or down and adjust locking collars or knots accordingly. Unscrew cover plate, rehang it with the wires hooks and reposition the cord locking collars or knots.
  13. Before testing lights, be sure to turn on the electrical power to the light at the circuit breaker.
Figure drawings
Canopy Round Ceiling Plate - Group of Five Installation Instructions