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Marlo Bed Assembly Instructions

List of parts:

  • 1 headboard with four 1" x 7/16" hex head bolts to attach the rails and one key hole bracket on each side of the headboard. (There are 3 additional bolts on each of the bracket plate assemblies that may need tightening.)
  • 1 footboard
  • 2 side rails with two 1" x 7/16" hex head bolts
  • 10 steel slats (Twin/Full); 12 steel slats (Queen/King/California King)
  • 2 locking screws

Tools needed:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • rubber mallet or hammer
  • 7/16" socket with ratchet or wrench


  1. Two-person assembly: Lean headboard against the wall near desired placement. Lift up on the top of one siderail/wing and slide the shoulder bolt (which is on the inside top wing) into the keyhole bracket at the top of the headboard. With one person holding the side rail up against the bracket at the bottom of the headboard, hand-start bolts (to avoid cross-threading) and tighten. Repeat for the second rail.

    One-person assembly: Start with the headboard on its back and invert the rail to install. Ensure all bolts are tight before tipping down. Repeat for second rail.

    NOTE: If you experience difficulty aligning bolts with t-nuts, loosen the headboard bolts to help with alignment. Tighten all bolts.

  2. Remove locking screw from the footboard bracket. With the side rail at a 90º angle, lift one end into footboard post by slipping connecting posts of the side rail into interlocking keyhole on footboard bracket. Tap rails with rubber mallet to ensure locked position. Repeat process with other side rail. Re-insert and tighten locking screw.
  3. Place slats on side rails, matching the slots in each slat to the rivet on the side rails.
  4. Place mattress on slats.
Marlo Bed Assembly Instructions