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Streeter Floor Lamp Assembly Instructions

List of parts:

  • Streeter lamp stem
  • lamp shade
  • weighted base
  • 2 Allen head screws
  • 3 cardboard assembly supports
  • 150W halogen bulb

Tools needed:

  • Allen wrench (included)

Note: To avoid damage to this product, whenever possible, utilize the help of a second person when assembling, adjusting or moving.


  1. In a large, open area, remove the lamp stem and weighted base from the packaging and place them on a flat, protected surface to avoid damage.
  2. Fold the three cardboard assembly supports and use them to prop up the lamp stem as shown in the image below. This setup will allow you to attach the weighted base without risking damage to the lamp stem. (Figure 1)
  3. Position the weighted base at the end of the lamp stem. With the assistance of a second person, align the holes in the weighted base to the holes in the bottom of the lamp stem, insert the two Allen head screws into the holes and use the provided Allen wrench to fasten the components together completely. Ensure each screw is tightened fully before moving on to the next step. (Figure 2)
  4. Once the stem and weighted base are securely attached, carefully tip the lamp up to a standing position. To avoid bending the stem, grasp the stem as closely to the base as possible. Utilize the help of a second person whenever possible. (Figure 3)
  5. With the lamp positioned in its desired location, attach the lamp shade to the hanging socket. To do this, first unscrew the metal threaded ring attached to the socket, then slide the shade frame up onto the socket while a second person screws the threaded ring back into place. Finally, insert the light bulb into the socket and twist into place. (Figure 4)
  6. If your lamp is placed on uneven flooring, rotate the adjustable leveling foot under the weighted base to properly position your lamp. (Figure 5)
Figure drawings
Streeter Floor Lamp Assembly Instructions