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Tandem Ceiling Mount for Pendants

List of parts:

  • Tandem pendant mount assembly
  • mounting crossbar assembly
  • 2 drywall anchors
  • 2 wire nuts
  • 5 mounting screws
  • plastic bezel
  • 3 cord clips
  • 3 plastic drywall anchors

Tools needed:

  • pencil
  • 1/16" drill bit
  • power drill
  • #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • tape measure

Note: If mounting to a wall surface material other than drywall, alternative hardware might be necessary.

Consult a professional if you have any questions regarding proper installation.

Cord clips, plastic anchors and screws are provided for management of the Tandem pendant mount cord.


  1. Determine the desired ceiling placement for the Tandem ceiling mount. Use the crossbar assembly as a guide to mark the locations of the screw holes with a pencil.
  2. With a power drill, use a 1/16" drill bit to drill pilot holes at your marks. Then use a screwdriver or power drill to screw the wall anchors into your pre-drilled holes. Be sure to drill the anchors in fully so they are flush with the ceiling before continuing to the next step.
  3. Place and hold the crossbar assembly over the wall anchors so the two screw holes align with the wall anchors. Using a #2 Phillips screwdriver, insert the mounting screws through the crossbar assembly and into the wall anchors. Tighten the screws fully until the crossbar assembly is flush and firmly mounted to the ceiling. (Figure 1)
  4. First, feed the cord of your pendant up through the plastic bezel, then through the hole in the Tandem ceiling mount and finally through the threaded nipple of the mounting crossbar assembly. (Figure 1) Twist together like-colored wires with the provided wire nuts.
  5. Lift the Tandem ceiling mount up and over the crossbar assembly by inserting the threaded nipple through the center hole. Ensure all wires are tucked inside the steel ring and fasten the components together with the plastic bezel.
Figure drawings
Tandem Ceiling Mount for Pendants