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Mario Convertible Sofa Assembly Instructions Assembly Instructions


  1. Place the metal base on the floor with the legs down.
  2. Remove the cotter pins (pin clips) from the pins inserted in the hinges on the metal base.
  3. To attach the sofa back, align the back hinge with the hinge retainer on the metal base as shown in Figure 1.
  4. Re-insert the pins and the cotter pins to hold the sofa back in place.
  5. With the casters resting in the caster tray in the metal frame, put seat in place.
  6. Second leg folds into bottom of seat by pushing in silver button on leg (Figure 2).

How to Convert Mario from Sofa to Bed

  1. Lift the front seat of the sofa so the folded front legs are visible.
  2. Fold out the front legs from the bottom of the seat by pressing the button and extending the legs (Figure 2).
  3. Push the back of the sofa to the flat position by pushing it forward until it rests on the metal base. This forms the platform for the bed.