Rand Counter Tables in Natural Steel

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Current Top selection: Fog quartz composite
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Rand 60w 30d 35h Table
top: Fog quartz composite
Item No: 667308
Item No: 287413

The Rand counter table’s unique architectural design gives the illusion of a floating top. Choose from a wide variety of top materials to get the exact look and function that’s right for you. The durable recycled natural steel base has sleek, corner-set legs that allow you to maximize seating. Please note: Overall height may vary slightly depending on the top material you select.

Details of Rand 60w 30d 35h Table

  • Dimensions: 60"w 30"d 35"h
  • Apron Height: 1"h
  • Apron to Floor Height: 33"h
  • Floor to Bottom Clearance: 32'h
  • Space Between Legs: 54"w 28"d
  • Leg Thickness: 3"w 1"d
  • Table Seats: six
  • Considerations: glass and stone tops are unattached; do not sit or stand on the table surface
  • Product Origin: made in Minnesota
  • Material Origin: United States and imported
  • Item Number: 667308
    • Top
    • Dimensions: 60"w 30"d .75"h
    • Top Thickness: .75"h
    • Product Origin: made in Minnesota
    • Material Origin: imported
    • Item Number: 287413
    • Base
    • Dimensions: 60"w 30"d 34"h
    • Construction: hand-welded frame
    • Product Origin: made in Minnesota
    • Material Origin: United States
    • Item Number: 859474
    • Top: quartz
    • Color: fog
    • Finish: polished
    • Material Description: Our quartz composite is made by mixing ground quartz-sourced from locations around the world-with resin and pigment to create an exceptionally durable surface that requires little to no maintenance. Our quartz composite is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and formaldehyde-free, making it a very eco-friendly option. Because it's made from naturally occurring quartz, it is consistent in its cool, cement-like color tones with subtle texture and pattern variations that are unique to each quartz piece. Resistant to most staining and scratching, quartz can discolor when exposed to extreme heat, so the use of trivets is recommended.
    • Top: quartz
    • Color: fog
    • Finish: polished
  • Base: natural steel
  • Finish: lacquer
  • Material Description: Our recycled natural steel is sustainably sourced in the U.S. from 99% recycled raw materials and hand-selected for consistent color and texture. Hand-welding can create unique markings, as well as color change, due to the heating and shaping of the steel. Subtle variations in color, along with the individuality of each craftsperson's work, ensure that no two pieces are alike.