Kitchen Rugs

Modern Dining + Kitchen Rugs from Room & Board

Add modern style to your dining room with a Room & Board rug. You?ll find myriad colors, styles and sizes in our exclusive collection. Prefer patterned rugs? We have many to choose from. Solid colors more your style? You?re in luck, too. Room & Board rugs are designed to pair back to our furniture effortlessly, making it easy to create a cohesive look.�

We offer a range of quality materials, including wool rugs, indoor/outdoor styles or nylon/polyester options. By offering a choice of materials, Room & Board has something to work for just about every space. Wool rugs are durable and naturally stain-resistant.

Consider kitchen rugs made for high-traffic areas or flat-weave styles that are easy to vacuum. Contemporary rugs in indoor-outdoor materials work well for the kitchens, too. Put one in front of your sink or countertop for extra softness while doing dishes or prepping meals. Adding a rug pad adds even more comfort, and Room & Board recommends using a rug pad under every rug.

A rug can help define space in an eat-in kitchen by visually separating the dining area from the rest of the room. Choose a rug large enough for chairs to be pulled out and still remain on the rug. If you have a space that?s hard to fit, a Room & Board custom rug is an excellent solution. Choose the length and width that works best for your room and the rug will be made just for you.

Rugs provide an anchor for dining rooms and kitchens. Our�rug guide�serves up helpful tips and tricks for choosing the best size rug for your dining room or kitchen.

�Room & Board provides free design services, including advice on which rug materials, colors or patterns complement your space. To see how rugs will look in your home, you can order a rug sample for a $25 refundable fee.