Case Study Ceramics® Planter with Walnut Base

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Case Study 13 diam 14h Planter
color: White
Item No: 948623

Add a touch of Mid-century Modern style with our Case Study Ceramics® planters. The mix of matte glazed ceramic and weatherproof Brazilian walnut creates a sculptural foundation for your flowers or greenery. You can oil the wood to keep its rich color, or allow it to develop a silver patina. These elegant planters can be used indoors or out, but we recommend bringing them inside if temperatures drop below freezing.

Details of Case Study 13 diam 13h Planter

  • Dimensions: 13" diameter 13"h
  • Capacity: 5 gallons
  • Includes: 10" diam walnut base
  • Considerations: no drainage opening
  • Product Origin: made in California
  • Material Origin: United States and imported
  • Item Number: 948623
  • Material: ceramic
  • Color: white
  • Secondary Material: walnut
  • Material Description: Walnut adds timeless depth and character to your room. Even after walnut is harvested and made into furniture, it continues to be a living, breathing material that responds to its environment - it expands and contracts with changes in humidity and also changes color over time as it's exposed to air, sunlight and wear. New walnut starts as a dark chocolate brown and beautifully ages to lighter brown or honey color over time.
  • Material: ceramic
  • Color: white
  • Secondary Material: walnut