Monitor Riser Shelves in Steel & Wood

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Current Material selection: Natural steel
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Monitor Riser
material: Natural steel
Item No: 980893

Add ergonomic comfort without sacrificing style. Our monitor risers are crafted as carefully as our desks for a coordinated look.

Details of Monitor Riser

  • Dimensions: 22"w 10"d 3"h
  • Product Origin: made in Wisconsin
  • Material Origin: United States
  • Item Number: 980893
    • Material: natural steel
    • Finish: lacquer
    • Material Description: Our recycled natural steel is sustainably sourced in the U.S. from 99% recycled raw materials and hand-selected for consistent color and texture. Hand-welding can create unique markings, as well as color change, due to the heating and shaping of the steel. Subtle variations in color, along with the individuality of each craftsperson's work, ensure that no two pieces are alike.
    • Material: natural steel
    • Finish: lacquer