Equator Planters

Artisan Crafted by
Rhino Roto-Molding

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Equator 24w 10d 18h Planter
color: White
Item No: 922278

Strong and durable, yet lightweight enough to move easily, these modern planters feature a smooth finish. They are made from UV-resistant polyethylene to prevent fading and cracking and a removable drainage plug allows you to use Equator indoors or out.

Artisan Crafted by:
Rhino Roto-Molding

Founded in 1996, this Minnesota company uses rotational molding techniques to create strong, weather-resistant products. Craftsmen ensure the highest quality and consistency at every step in the process.

Details of Equator 24w 10d 18h Planter

  • Dimensions: 24"w 10"d 18"h
  • Capacity: 14 gallons
  • Features: drainage plug; removable with 7/8" socket wrench or adjustable wrench
  • Construction: rotational-molded; a mold is filled with plastic, then heated and rotated to create hollow shapes with walls of even thickness
  • Product Origin: made in Minnesota
  • Material Origin: United States
  • Item Number: 922278
  • Material: polyethylene
  • Material Description: Polyethylene (PE) is a commonly used synthetic plastic that's lightweight and flexible. It's resistant to harsh elements like temperature and sunlight, and it's easy to wipe clean with a soap and water solution.
  • Color: white