Woodwind Open-Back Custom Bookcase Guide

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The Woodwind Open-Back collection offers versatile options so you can find your ideal storage solution. Explore bookcase specifications, sizes, dimensions and measurement tips before designing a bookcase that fits your exact needs.



  1. Center Divider
    Depending on overall width, some bookcases have a 1.75-inch wide center divider.
  2. Adjustable Shelves
    Adjustable shelves are .75 inches thick with a 1-inch thick front edge. Each adjustable shelf has a 30-pound weight capacity.
  3. Finished On All Sides
    Every part of the bookcase is finished so you can position it against a wall or stand it freely in a room.

Size Options

  • Five height options: 30 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches, 86 inches
  • Width by the inch from 14 to 72 inches
  • Fixed depth: 17 inches
  • Number of shelves in each unit depends on overall height

Bookcases 14"w – 36"w

Bookcases 37"w – 72"w: Center divider

Measurement Tips

To create a space that’s functional and comfortable, make sure you have enough room for your bookcase. We recommend using these guidelines as you select your dimensions. Looking for additional advice about measuring or suggestions to fit your space? We’re here to help

Please note: Each bookcase is crafted as either one piece or as two pieces that are secured together upon delivery.

Measure your Space

  • Remember to account for windows, crown molding, baseboards, outlets and light switches in your measurements.
  • When selecting the dimensions for your bookcase, consider any stairs, doorways, hallways or other tight spaces your bookcase may need to maneuver through for delivery. Watch our video for more information.


  • Consider the width and height of your TV to ensure proper proportions and viewing comfort.
  • Please note that most remote controls will not work through wood doors.
  • Lacquer finishes are susceptible to moisture and heat damage. Use trivets and coasters and wipe spills immediately.
  • Measure any item you wish to store in your bookcase to ensure they will fit within the interior dimensions. Standard heights of common items are below:
    • Book height: 9 to 13 inches
    • Magazine height: 11 inches
    • Vinyl record height: 7 to 12 inches
    • Media component height: 4 to 10 inches

General Safety

  • All of our bookcases include anti-tip safety hardware.
  • We recommend placing your heaviest items on the bottom of the bookcase and lighter items on top for a balance of weight.
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