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When Jean joined Room & Board's Finance team, she knew a lot more about the organization than most new staff members.

Her first experience with the company was in 1999 when Room & Board hired the consulting company she worked for to perform their annual independent audit. "I remember thinking that everyone I met at Room & Board really enjoyed what they were doing and that it seemed like an amazing place to work. I knew that I could embrace the philosophies." Jean eventually left the consulting company but stayed in contact with Room & Board. A few years later, she was contacted to talk about career opportunities on the Finance team, and she jumped at the chance.

Jean was working for a large publically-traded company with retail locations across the country right before joining Room & Board. Her strategic skills and leadership strengths transitioned perfectly but she is still amazed how different her day-to-day work is at Room & Board. "Here, the work is just as challenging but we give ourselves the time to think through and gather the right partners at the right time. We don't end up redoing work, it isn't about working harder and at a faster pace, it is about working smarter with really bright people."

As Room & Board's Controller, Jean is continually amazed by her team's engagement and their ability to make sound decisions. "Any finance team needs bright people with strong technical skills, but here everyone brings so much more to their roles. Leading here is more collaborative then leading in any other place I have been. Here the conversation with my team isn't about what I think we should do, but really about what we all think and as a result there is a higher commitment."

As a leader on the Finance team, one of the philosophies that Jean appreciates the most is Room & Board's widely shared belief that every staff member should understand the organization's financial health. "I always tell people that they should be proud of a company that communicates so openly. Teams don't get the pieces that apply only to their work. Instead they spend time understanding the entire picture. Everyone touches our financial health in some way and as a result everyone impacts the bottom line."

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