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Delivery Centers Careers

Delivery Leadership Associate

Reporting to the Delivery Market Manager, our Delivery Leadership Associate is an important part of each location's leadership team. They provide leadership and guidance to the entire team but often take direct responsibility for a specific function within the environment such as Delivery, Customer Support or Inventory Operations.

Our Delivery Leadership Associates enjoy leading teams and are gifted at guiding career-oriented professionals. They create a vision of customer service excellence and empower their team to serve Room & Board's customers while also managing in the best interest of the business.

Many of our Delivery Leadership Associates come from a retail environment that is steeped in both operations and customer service. They understand product transfers and how every role can affect inventory integrity. They understand and are able to affect their locations P&L, managing top line delivered sales, controllable expenses, payroll (including overtime) and inventory integrity.

Lastly they are respectful of their surroundings. Not only do they help lead an exceptionally clean and organized Delivery Center, they are also stewards of the environment and champion energy conservation, recycling and other activities that lesson our environmental impact.

Our most successful Delivery Leadership Associates bring a minimum of five years of leadership experience in an operational or retail environment, or a logistics and shipping leadership role. They enjoy managing others and ultimately serving customers. They have an appreciation for design and the craftsmanship found in our American-made furniture.

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