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Delivery Centers Careers

Furniture Repair Associate

We employ professional furniture-repair specialists who work in our facilities as well as those who travel to the homes of our customers. They use their passion for quality furniture and expertise as craftspeople to ensure our customers have the beautiful, quality furniture they expect from Room & Board.

They are skilled with hand tools and are experts with wood finishes and color matches as well as structural repairs to our furniture. Many of our Furniture Repair Associates also have experience in upholstery repair.

Our Furniture Repair Associates are knowledgeable about Room & Board furniture, and if their role requires them to be in the homes of the customer, they can discuss the inherent qualities of the natural materials we use, along with proper furniture care. Furniture Repair Associates who work in our Delivery Centers have the same level of skill, but focus their attention on internal relationships where they can share product quality issues with internal partners to affect change in vendor material selection or manufacturing processes.

In addition to being a skilled craftsperson, Furniture Repair Associates must also be self-confident and creative with a natural ability to relate to others, especially when interacting with customers in their homes. They have a passion for quality, handcrafted furniture and a strong attention to detail. We generally hire individuals with a minimum of 10 years of industry experience. Candidates will be asked to complete a bench test to demonstrate their expertise.

Due to the physical nature of this position, our Furniture Repair Associates are also required to pass a pre-employment physical to ensure they can work safely within this role. Our Furniture Repair Associates generally work a Monday through Friday schedule.

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