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Retail Careers

Retail Leadership Associate

Our Retail Leadership Associates report to the Retail Market Manager and, in partnership with that role, have the authority and responsibility to manage their market in a way that creates an exceptional experience for our customers. They accomplish this through leading and mentoring a team of sales professionals who are empowered and confident in their ability to provide design solutions to their customers.

We look for individuals with a minimum of five years of leadership experience in a customer-centric, fashion/design-savvy retail environment. Our Retail Leadership Associates have exceptional communication skills, are confident and well-organized and understand that their success is tied to the growth and development of the team they lead.

Our Retail Leadership Associates understand how their customers live and shop. They leverage Room & Board's assortment to maximize the selling floor and therefore meet customer needs. They are passionate about Room & Board's design esthetic and weave their understanding into the showroom experience. They also create meaningful store events that provide opportunities to deepen connections with existing customers as well as reach new customers.

Our Retail Leadership Associates are involved in the development of a strategic business plan that adjusts to the changing needs of their market. They play a role in the planning process, forecasting market sales, location headcount and salary plans, and all controllable expenses.

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