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Shop From Home Design Associate

Room & Board provides its customers with a seamless multi-channel experience with our stores, website and Shop Room & Board From Home, which is our 1-800 location. The Shop From Home Design Associate is a unique role which serves as both a sales professional and problem solver. They typically work a weekday schedule with both daytime and evening hours with occasional weekends required.

All Shop From Home calls are inbound and provide our Design Associates with a blend of both sales and service-related inquiries. Many calls are from potential or existing customers engaged in the sales process. They are seeking advice and ideas or clarification about specific products or delivery information to make a purchase. Other calls are from customers post-purchase who have questions or need support to ensure a positive experience. Together the customer and the Shop From Home Design Associate leverage Room & Board's website to support the customer experience.

Our Shop From Home Design Associates are problem solvers by nature and thrive in a solution-based selling environment that is collaborative and design-focused. They lead with questions and incorporate the customer's personal style and functional requirements to offer solutions that make a house a home. Design Associates build long-term relationships with their customers and find ways to have meaningful and relevant interactions with them throughout the sales process. They fully embrace technology within their work day to support their productivity and customer responsiveness.

Our Shop From Home Design Associates are brand ambassadors and have a passion for modern design. Room & Board creates an environment of curiosity and learning where they are encouraged to strengthen their design confidence and grow in their understanding of the breadth and depth of Room & Board's product offerings.

Shop From Home Design Associates are fully engaged in the world around them and understand how homes evolve based upon life changes, technology, sustainability and other social influences.

Room & Board is an environment of inclusion.

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