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Retail Careers

Visual Associate

Our Visual Associates are responsible for creating a showroom environment that is consistent with Room & Board's design point of view, as well as representative of the architecture of the building and the lifestyles of their customers. They have an eye for detail, not perfection, and have the unique ability to blend business confidence with design savvy, and understand that success is achieved when their work impacts sales.

Many of our Visual Associates work occasional weekends to support the sales team and further engage customers to learn how to best represent Room & Board's product.

They are mentors and educators, engaging the sales team in showroom presentation to further develop design confidence. They posses strong planning skills and are good managers of processes, executing floor shifts in a way that doesn't disrupt the customer experience.

Our Visual Associates are students of the world around them and understand how a home evolves based upon life changes, technology, sustainability and other social influences. They are a bridge to Room & Board's central design team, helping them understand local competition, trends and meaningful design shifts that influence future development of Room & Board product lines.

The safety and wellbeing of our staff members is paramount. We recognize this role requires physical stamina and therefore require final candidates to complete a pre-employment physical.

Room & Board is an environment of inclusion.

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