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Room & Board Careers

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Lisa, Retail Market Manager

While working as a regional manager in apparel retail and travelling three weeks out of every month, a friend told Lisa about plans to open a Room & Board in Washington D.C. "The thought of concentrating my efforts on one store, as opposed to dozens, was appealing," shares Lisa. "I started researching the company and before I knew it, I was interviewing. I have had the pleasure of working with a dynamic team in the Washington D.C. showroom since it opened in 2010 and I can honestly say that being a part of this organization continues to be the highlight of my career."

Having come from a traditional retail environment, Lisa finds that Room & Board has a progressive and thoughtful approach to just about everything, from sustainability to career development. "We partner with like-minded vendors for our product offering and are encouraged to think globally and act locally. Room & Board has focused on sustainable design and American made furniture before it became 'a thing' and that makes me proud."

The company also uses a Priorities & Measures process instead of traditional performance reviews. "Everyone in the company is encouraged to set goals for themselves and focus on the things they wish to focus on with the support of their peers and leaders." Lisa continues, "We also cultivate an environment that encourages personal accountability and empowers our Design Associates to engage with customers and problem solve in the ways they see fit. We have found great success in a non-commission environment which allows for real connections between customers and our staff members."

While staff members are empowered to develop their careers, Room & Board also fosters collaboration. Lisa shares: "Having a focus on teamwork enables you to share ideas and insights as well as learn and develop from others. Whether it's travelling to another market, having someone visit your environment or working with your team, collaboration creates strong relationships and ultimately good work."

Of her team at the D.C. showroom, Lisa enjoys watching staff members grow in their roles as they find their life's work. "There are many things that are required to make a store run smoothly that fall outside of the traditional Design Associate role. So, staff members are given opportunities to do other things. It's a true pleasure to watch the team discover skills they didn't know they had. That kind of growth is rewarding for everybody."

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