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We have always been committed to being a good corporate citizen.
Respect is one of our core principles at Room & Board and is directly linked to why being a good corporate citizen has always been part of our business.

Sustainability will also be part of our future. We are hedgehogs from the fox and the hedgehog analogy and we won't jump off the bandwagon when "Green" isn't trendy.

We readily admit to not being perfect and as a business, make decisions that balance our long-term financial health with our commitment to sustainability.
We recognize that these two priorities—a strong bottom line and sustainable business practices—are sometimes at odds, but more often than not they can work together. While we believe that sustainability makes perfect business sense and that it will continue to be a defining characteristic of Room & Board, we also realize that we are not perfect.

We are committed to creating extraordinary value for our customers by providing long lasting and well-designed products.
We do not follow trends. Our furniture is classic in design and built to last for generations—and therefore timeless. Because of this commitment, the life cycle of a product is part of the design process.

Longevity is perhaps the most important element of sustainability. We find it astonishing that each year hundreds of pounds of furniture is thrown in landfills and take great pride in the fact that we do not produce products that will be discarded after a few years.

We prefer to work with American vendors that embrace sustainable practices and use natural materials from sustainable resources.
We believe our vendors should operate with integrity—this includes how they source and manufacture products as well as their role as an employer. While each of our vendors has their own story to tell, we realize that their collective stories contribute to our combined whole. Therefore, we seek out partners that share our commit to the responsible use of natural materials.

American made is important to us because it supports our commitment to the communities and environments where we do business. It is also about operating our business in a responsible manner—such as not shipping wood across the ocean and back for production and not sourcing products from suspect labor conditions.

We manage our facilities wisely.
We are committed to constructing and redeveloping facilities in a manner that aligns our environmental goals, as well as strengthens our communities. Just like we appreciate good furniture design we appreciate good architecture—therefore we prefer putting in extra work in order to figure out how we can make the space work for us rather than leveling structures. Because of this, our facilities can also inspire our customers.

We believe that small actions lead to big changes.
We believe that our individual and collective efforts add up. There aren't a few big things that we are doing and there never will be. We also believe that grass root efforts are both important and energizing to our teams and communities. There are way too many ways we make a difference to list, from our companywide mass transit benefits to the individual location recycling and composting efforts. That is why this belief is so important. It is never ending and limitless.

We believe that part of being a good business is being a good community partner.
Business is about more than the bottom line; it is about transforming our communities through strong corporate partnerships coupled with everyday actions. We believe that individual volunteerism at the local level is as equally important as company financial support. We have a history of supporting community organizations that champion our causes—organizations dedicated to supporting those living with AIDS and HIV; organizations with a commitment to strengthening home and family; and groups with a passion for art and design.

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