Berkeley Bedroom Collection in Walnut

Why this room works

  1. With its woven paper cord headboard, the Berkeley bed adds an artisanal touch to this bedroom. The bed is reminiscent of mid-century style and offers a warm and inviting sleeping space.
  2. Our Manhattan leaning mirror lends modern appeal to this room. The size of the mirror is perfect for this large room, and it creates a versatile and functional area that makes it easy to get ready for the day.
  3. Made to match the design of the bed, our Berkeley storage cabinet is a beautiful solution for this bedroom. Its clean and linear shape keeps this room looking neat and cohesive.
Berkeley Bed
Berkeley Bed
$1,399 - $2,099
Berkeley Dressers
New Option Berkeley Dressers
$1,199 - $2,399
Berkeley Nightstands
New Option Berkeley Nightstands
$599 - $799
Grace Table Lamps
New Option Grace Table Lamps
Alder Rugs
Alder Rugs
$499 - $899
Herringbone Pillows
New Option Herringbone Pillows
$129 - $149
Sheepskin Pillows
Sheepskin Pillows
$49 - $129
KleinReid, Oval Chrysanthemum, 2013
Limited Edition
KleinReid, Oval Chrysanthemum, 2013
Sold Out Online
Era Cone Planters
Era Cone Planters
$89 - $129

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