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After enduring eight months of winter, I’m ready to embrace lighter layers, which includes my bedding. I love to refresh my bedroom with lightweight, layered linens that complement the warmer temperatures without sacrificing style or comfort.

Wyatt bed with Percale sheets

Our exclusive 100% cotton Percale sheets feature a tight weave that gives your bed the crisp, cool feeling of line-dried linens. They relax with each washing, making them more and more comfortable over time.

Percale sheets on Parsons bed

Percale sheets

During the summer months, pair percale sheets with a breathable Cotton-weave blanket to add an inviting layer of texture and color. For something with a little more weight, consider a linen duvet with an ultra-lightweight duvet filler. Linen gets softer with every wash and keeps you cool on hot, humid nights and warm when it’s chilly.

Cotton-weave blanket with Manhattan frame

Cotton-weave blanket

For more tips on how to layer your bedding, check out our inspiration gallery with our modern bedding solutions, available in a variety of sizes, colors and styles.

Photos by Room & Board

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