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We’re drawn to natural beauty. That’s why we partnered with world-renowned Japanese artist Ayomi Yoshida to launch a limited-edition collection of nature-inspired artwork. Each piece is numbered and signed by the artist. Ayomi is best known for her large-scale installations, featuring thousands of tiny, flower-shaped wood chips.

Hand block-printed art by Ayomi Yoshida

It Starts Raining, 2016 (directly above) and After Storm, 2016 (featured image) are framed in solid walnut.

The series which includes It Starts Raining, 2016 and After Storm, 2016 are inspired by Japan’s recent challenges, from earthquakes and floods to a tsunami and nuclear accident. She hopes the prints give voice to the things that touch us every day.

In addition to It Starts Raining, 2016 and After Storm, 2016 Ayomi created unique bud prints by carving the images into wood blocks (one for each color), then using water-based ink to hand block-print the images. She also crafted buds from paper and appliqued them to the branches, lending subtle dimension. The buds are as delicate as a living plant and a tribute to the seasonality of cherry blossoms. Due to the meticulous nature of the process, completing a series of prints takes about three months.

Hand block-printed art by Ayomi Yoshida, exclusive to Room & Board

Buds Come Out, 2016 adds beautiful blue hues to this bedroom while telling a unique story.

The blossoming of cherry trees is celebrated annually with festivals throughout Japan; however, due to climate change, the cherry trees blossom earlier in the year and celebrations once held in April are now held in March. “As babies, we come to love these flowers, and we cannot grow up without seeing them bloom every year,” says Ayomi. “From our time as infants, we feel the ‘transience’ of the beautiful flowers that then fall to the ground after only a few days, and in that transience we continue to grow up.” Ayomi created this series as commentary on the cherry trees and the effect climate change is having on them.

Ayomi Yoshida hand block-printed art in modern dining room

Still in Bud, 2016 is a stunning accent in this dining room and features a solid maple frame.

Photos by Room & Board

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