Ayomi Yoshida for Room & Board

Living room with vela sofa, seville chair and rhodes lounge chair.

Considering her decades of successful exhibitions and installations around the world, you’d think that artist Ayomi Yoshida had been dedicated to her craft since infancy. In fact, the fourth-generation printmaker, although raised by two artists, initially studied architecture, turning to printmaking later in her education.  

Mira 96-wide sofa in Destin Fabric, Tyne 40-square coffee table in Walnut and Natural Steel and Veda rug in Camel.

Limited-Edition Prints from Ayomi Yoshida, a Renowned Japanese Artist

As she experimented with her craft, Yoshida found herself using wood remnants from printing blocks. She combined her prints, printing blocks and remnants into large site-specific installations, including for Target Corporation at its Minneapolis headquarters. 

At Room & Board, one of the defining features of our modern style is the incorporation of natural elements. It’s why we partnered with Yoshida to launch a limited-edition collection of nature-inspired prints. Each is numbered and signed by the artist.

Recent pieces in our exclusive collaboration includes the soothing, richly colored Calm Night At Field, 2020, created during COVID-19 lockdowns in Japan.

Another print currently available is the ethereal In a Misty, 2022, a meticulous hand blocked-printed piece that (like all her prints) took about three months to complete.  

Early Spring Monday, 2022 is a lighter and brighter piece, while in Tree Canopy, 2022, Yoshida explores deeper tones. See all of her limited-edition pieces online. And be sure to read more about this fine artist’s background and partnership with Room & Board.

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