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There’s no need to start from scratch when giving a room an updated look–instead, go for a fun, vibrant twist with gem and jewel tones. These deep, drool-worthy hues are trending everywhere and add a perfect amount of colorful pop to any room.

Lola chair with Jax end table

Jax table

Use your favorite gemstone as a starting point for your signature color, infusing your walls with artwork that includes a warm hue like topaz, sapphire, emerald, ruby or amethyst. You can find color inspiration from the fashion runway, flowery farmers’ markets or your favorite jewelry pieces.

Murphy sofa with Parks end table

Murphy sofa; Parks end table

If you’re looking for a less demanding starting point, try adding accent pillows or throws to a sofa or chair. Leather pieces, specifically, gravitate toward jewel-toned accessories and varied textures, making them an ideal canvas for this type of decor.

A living room is an easy space to add showy pops of color, but the dining room and bedroom are two other great spaces for exploring your jewel side. Gem-inspired dining chairs, vases or centerpieces make a dining room fresh and unique. Bed linens and window treatments can completely transform your bedroom, giving it a warm, stunning aesthetic.

Decorating with jewel tones is all about adding just a small pop of color to make things extra appealing. Balance out these warm hues with neutrals or metallics, and let your new space shine.

Images by Room & Board

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