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SCAD style week panel

David Staten, Visual Associate from Room & Board Chicago, sat on a panel during Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)’s Style Week to discuss interior design. The panel, House and Object: Residential Interiors at their Best, also featured Tamara Kaye-Honey of House of Honey and Caroline Grant and Dolores Suarez of Dekar Design. The panelists led a lively discussion about interior design and explored the concept of statement pieces, trends in green design and how to balance personal philosophy with a client’s direction.

When asked about trends in green design, David mentioned Room & Board’s partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council and shared that our vendors use sustainable and natural materials, citing our Dunn table as an example.

David also discussed statement pieces. “It can be as simple as a lovely piece of pottery, like a vase with flowers in your entryway, or it can be more commanding, like a beautiful mid-century dresser in your living room. Don’t feel limited to just one. You can have many statement pieces throughout your home.”

Room & Board was honored to be a part of SCADStyle Week and we look forward to next year.

Photo by Room & Board

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