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At Room & Board we are passionate about transforming our communities through partnerships with organizations that support strengthening homes and families. Urban Peak, a nonprofit located in Denver and Colorado Springs, is an amazing organization that our Denver store supports through our Community Partnership program.

Over September, our Denver team celebrated their newly remodeled store with a focus on giving to their community partner, Urban Peak. The team planned to make a one dollar donation for every person who came through the door during the month. They also hosted several events to drum up traffic into the store.

Leadership Associate Brooke Allison sums it up with a happy sigh: “It was an amazing month. We were able to make a $10,000 donation to Urban Peak and hopefully help raise awareness of the important work they do.”

What is Urban Peak?

Urban Peak provides shelter for youth ages 15 through 20 who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness.

What does Urban Peak provide?

Beyond basic needs, youth at the shelter receive health services, education and employment support. All of which are designed to empower each individual toward self-sufficiency. Youth can also participate in a variety of life skills classes and take part in activities in the community. Those range from hiking trips to volunteering.

Learn how you can volunteer or donate to support Urban Peak.

Images by Urban Peak

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