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How do you find art that speaks to you? “Give yourself permission to explore and play with colors and stories that inspire you,” says Jenon Bailie, our Accessories Merchandise Manager. “We tap into the art community for you, so you can trust the quality and integrity of each piece.”

“It’s the perfect way to add personality to your home, whether you’re adding to a large collection or just getting started,” Jenon continues. Learn about the types of artwork Room & Board offers and how to incorporate these museum-quality collections into your home.

Find your inspiration

“Art can live on its own. I like to think of it as an extension of ourselves, like our clothing; we don’t dress to match our home. We just choose the things we love.”

Consider how you want the space to feel

“What feelings do you want to evoke in a room? From soft and subtle to bold and dynamic, think about how each piece enhances your aspirations for the space.

Maybe in your entryway or kitchen you look for more light-hearted, bright and bold colors, whereas in a living room you may err more dramatic or something more soothing in a bedroom. The push and pull of these types of pieces creates visual interest and is a beautiful process along the way.”

Grow the collection

“All of our artwork can stand on its own but the collections also work together beautifully. You can always move pieces around to create new galleries. Keep the scale of the furniture and architecture of the space in mind, too. If you have a large sectional in a living room, for example, or tall windows that span the length of a room, your artwork should do the same. That’s the beauty of being able to shop entire collections – there’s more than enough pieces to help you build out an entire wall if you need it. You can also try large, leaning pieces for a modern look.”

Shop confidently with Room & Board

“When we say ‘museum quality’ we mean it: There’s no middle man when it comes to the artwork we select and none of it is mass-produced. Each piece of artwork we offer is approved by either the foundation or the artist, so you’re always getting top quality, and it comes framed by hand.”

Photos by Room & Board

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