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With so many different woods in our collection, we are often asked about the best way to mix wood tones in a room. The good news: there’s no wrong answer because there are lots of great ways to mix and match woods to achieve a modern, intentional look. Here are four design ideas to show you how to combine wood colors in your own home.

Design Idea #1: Mix 

If you like an eclectic look, but still want everything to feel cohesive, the trick is to use each wood twice.  The result: an interesting, layered look that still feels pulled together.

The mixed woods in this room work because colors are repeated. The black legs on the Peyton chairs match the Profile picture frames, and the Adams extension table and Doyle side chairs in walnut work together. Shop this room.

Design Idea #2: Match

This is an easy one. Matching all of the woods in your room creates a balanced feel and strong visual impact.

White oak makes a stunning statement in this bedroom. Shop this room.

Design Idea #3: Mingle

Unique woods like reclaimed timber, spalted sugarberry or live edge slabs of cherry or walnut display a range of color, acting as a bridge between other light and dark woods in your room. With the mingle method, you can pull in different woods and stains that tie back to a “bridge” wood and everything will feel cohesive.

Our Chilton coffee table in spalted sugarberry brings together the other wood tones in the room, including white oak on the Ericson leather lounge chairs and the shell stain of the Moro cabinet. Shop this room.

Design Idea #4: Make it up

Trees live happily together in the forest, and they can in your home too. It is absolutely okay to mix different woods and not worry if they match something else in the space. Because we use natural woods and stain colors found in nature, our wood furniture feels authentic and goes together without a lot of effort.

An eclectic mix of wood tones, from dark to light, provides a timeless, collected look. Shop this room.

Photos by Room & Board

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