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Are you looking for a high-impact, low-effort way to update your bathroom? Start with the spot that gets the most looking action – the mirror. Whether you own or rent, replacing the bathroom mirror is a doable project that pays off with a big impact.

Swap out your current mirror with one of our artisan-crafted designs, which can be hung vertically or horizontally, except for the medicine cabinet.

1. Hudson mirror

Handcrafted, the Hudson mirror is glass and domestic, solid wood. Mitered corners accent the mirror’s thin profile and create a fine silhouette that’s beautiful in any room. You can hang it vertically or horizontally.

Adrian vanity with Hudson mirror

Hudson mirror, Adrian vanity

Hudson vanity with Hudson mirror

Hudson mirrors, Hudson vanity, Orikata pendants

2. Soho mirror

Welded in a family-owned metalworking shop, the Soho mirror has a timeless, streamlined look and high-quality glass for an accurate reflection. The stainless steel frame also comes in powder-coated graphite to resist heat and moisture for durability.

Linear vanity with Soho mirror

Soho mirror in graphite, Linear vanity, Swift pendant

Hudson vanity with Soho mirror

Hudson vanity, Soho mirror in graphite, Path hand towel

3. Infinity mirror

The Infinity mirror’s modern design is exemplified by its thin box frame handcrafted from stainless steel. From the front, the mirror appears to be floating and from the side it has a beautiful beveled-edge frame.

Linear vanity with Infinity mirror

Infinity round mirror, Linear vanities, Nyla accent table

Linear vanity with Infinity mirror

Infinity mirror, Linear vanity

4. Manhattan mirror

Handcrafted by Bell Manufacturing in Minnesota, our Manhattan mirrors feature a thick frame for a high-impact look. They’re available in stainless steel or several powder-coated colors.

Hudson cabinet with Manhattan mirror

Hudson cabinet, Manhattan mirror

5. Durant medicine cabinet & bathroom mirror

The classic design of the Durant medicine cabinet brings style and storage to the bathroom. It’s the perfect finishing touch, whether you’re redesigning the entire bathroom or just looking for an easy modern update. Four adjustable glass shelves make it easy to arrange bath items as needed. Choose a left- or- right-opening door to best suit your space. Plus, this medicine cabinet has a lacquer finish to protect against water and humidity.

Photos by Room & Board

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