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Add a classic look to your space by decorating with black and white pieces. This color combination allows the beauty of each design to shine through and provides a neutral backdrop for your personal touches.

Eva Zeisel Vase

Eva Zeisel Vase

These vases feature the bold look of black in a simple, balanced design.

Slim End Table

The Slim End table has surface area and storage space, all within a graceful design and timeless hue.

Cowhide Rug

Cowhide Rug

Combine black and white in the most natural way with a cowhide rug.

Kline Serigraph

Black & white accents combine to create distinctive modern style with this wall art.

Streeter Lamp

Blend sculptural beauty with high function and overhead lighting.

Caprice Dining Chair

Caprice Dining Chair

This durable chair adds unique, modern design to your kitchen or dining room.

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